Are There Different Types of Dental Restoration Services?

Posted on: January 1, 2022

Dental Restorations Carmel, IN

Dentists offer dental restoration services to restore the health and appearance of their patient’s smiles after dealing with oral health concerns, dental trauma, or other dental issues. This review discusses some of the more common types of dental restoration services that are offered by general dentists.

Common types of dental restoration services

Although the services offered by general dentists may vary for each one, some of the more common dental restoration services include dental cavity fillings, treatments for broken teeth, periodontal treatments, and cosmetic restorations. The following is a closer look at each of the five common types of dental restoration services.

Dental cavity fillings

Cavity fillings are one of the most common types of dental restorations. The primary method used to fill a small cavity is known as a dental filling. A dental filling uses ceramic, amalgam, metal, or gold material to fill a cavity (small hole) that forms on teeth due to acidic attacks caused by bacteria and food particles (i.e. sugar and other carbohydrates). For larger cavities, a dentist may recommend root canal therapy, which can fill cavities left from deep tooth decay that extends closer to the tooth’s root.

Treating broken teeth

A broken tooth refers to any tooth that is damaged in the form of a chip, crack, etc. This is often due to sudden dental trauma, such as suffering a blow to the mouth during a contact sport. It can also result from biting down too hard on ice, bruxism (teeth grinding), and in various other ways. A dentist can treat broken teeth with dental crowns, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, and various other dental restoration services.

Restoring gum health

There are also dental restoration services for gum complications. Dentists can restore the health of diseased gums with a deep dental cleaning (scaling and root planing), gum graft procedure, and pocket reduction, among other possible dental restoration services for periodontal health.

Addressing oral infections

Oral infections can develop from an accumulation of bacteria near the tooth’s root. This can also lead to the formation of a dental abscess. Dentists may recommend treating an oral infection through root canal therapy, antibiotics, or by way of various other methods. This is important to help ensure teeth are not lost and to protect periodontal health.

Cosmetic restorations

While largely focused on oral health, many dentists also prioritize cosmetic restorations as well, which address issues that may cause a cosmetic concern as well as an oral health concern. Common cosmetic restorations that a dentist may offer include dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth-colored crowns, gum contouring, and professional, in-office teeth whitening.

Find out how a general dentist can help improve your oral health and smile

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