What Are the Health Risks of Teeth Clenching During Sleep?

Teeth clenching and grinding, also referred to as bruxism, is a surprisingly common condition. Such clenching typically occurs when sleeping. Most patients who clench their teeth are unaware of just how extensive the damage is or how frequently the grinding … Continued

What Can You Do With A Toothache on the Weekend?

The last thing anyone needs is for a toothache to ruin their Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday. Just about everyone works hard from Monday to Friday with the hopes of enjoying a fun-filled and relaxing weekend. Though the weekend lasts … Continued

What Is a Dental Bridge Made Of?

If you are looking to restore your smile, dentists have many missing teeth options at their disposal. Dentures are the most economical way to restore lost teeth — especially if the patient is missing most of their natural ones — … Continued

Dental Bonding FAQ’s

Dental bonding is a procedure often used in cosmetic dentistry to help people improve their smiles. It is one of the more affordable options, and it can be used to address a wide range of oral issues like a stained, … Continued

What Is the Best Way to Connect Crowns to Dental Implants?

It is important to know how dental procedures are done. Educating yourself is essential when it comes to your own health. Having the proper knowledge can empower you—the dental patient. The best way to connect crowns to dental implants starts … Continued

What Are the Links Between Oral Health and General Health?

When it comes to general and oral health there are plenty of links and correlations between the two. There have been a myriad of studies over the years that point to the fact that oral bacteria can and will lead … Continued

The 4 Most Effective Ways To Remove Food From Your Teeth or Gums

Food stuck in the gums or teeth poses numerous problems.  For one, such food will look a bit ridiculous, especially in the front of the mouth.  If you part your lips to smile and onlookers see a piece of food … Continued

Which Food or Drinks Stain your Teeth the Most?

There is a common misconception it is only red wine and coffee that have the potential to stain your teeth.  In reality, all sorts of different foods and beverages have the potential to compromise the appearance of your pearly whites.Here … Continued

Harmful Effects of Tooth Abrasion

Tooth abrasion is the gradual loss of the tooth surface typically spurred by improper brushing technique.  Such a faulty technique can cause notching at the point at which the crown and the roots of the teeth connect.  The use of … Continued

Safe Teeth Whitening Product Ingredients

Have you ever taken the time to read the label on your teeth whitening product?  If so, you likely found some ingredients you recognized and a few you struggle to pronounce.  Perhaps you have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s … Continued