What is Tooth Enamel?

The tooth can be a complex part of the mouth. While it has many layers to it, the enamel tends to be one of the most important parts because of the role it plays, where it is located, and what … Continued

Do I Really Need A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are becoming more and more popular for patients seeking a way to restore their natural teeth. Crowns act as a way to extend the life of an existing tooth that may be damaged due to decay or erosion. … Continued

Treatment Options for Diastema

Diastema is a term that simply describes a gap between teeth. Diastema can be the result of a wide range of causes, from hereditary reasons to tooth damage. Regardless of the cause, there are various treatment options available for those … Continued

What you Need to Know About Fluoride

Almost everyone has probably turned on their kitchen faucet a few times only to see light colored water coming out. The white substance that looks like a powder is usually fluoride which is added to water at times to help … Continued

Do You Have These 5 Signs of Oral Health Issues?

Signs of Oral Health Issues Your oral health offers clues about your overall health and wellness. Many people don’t realize that oral problems can tell your dentist and your doctors a lot about your overall health. There are many oral … Continued

What is a Fixed Hybrid Denture?

Looking into your denture options? Specifically a fixed hybrid denture? Good for you. If you are someone who has recently found out that you are going to need to start wearing dentures, then looking into all of your denture options … Continued

4 Important Facts About Tooth Anatomy

Have you ever been curious about the structure or anatomy of the tooth? You are not alone. The tooth has different parts with specific functions and features. The major component of the tooth anatomy is the enamel, dentin, roots, root … Continued

Dental Anxiety vs. Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety is a serious concern in many people, and if not dealt with properly, it can develop into dental phobia, which is a different, more severe complication. For anyone suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia, it is essential … Continued

Popular Treatments for Misaligned Jaws and Teeth and Bite Correction

For many of us, bite correction was part of our childhoods because our teeth did not fit together and be aligned how they should to ensure optimal oral health later in life. The condition of having misaligned teeth is called a bad … Continued

Drinks to Avoid to Maintain Dental Health

Some drinks taste amazing but can be amazingly bad for our dental health. There are drinks we should aspire to avoid, and there are drinks that benefit our teeth but damage them as well. The key is moderation and correct … Continued