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For tooth loss, partial dentures are a good treatment option.

What to Expect After a Dental Cleaning

This review discusses what patients can expect after a dental cleaning and how they can protect their smiles.

3 Signs You Need Denture Repair

When dentures fit properly and are not damaged, they should not cause any notable discomfort or soreness.

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While there are a few steps to follow for teeth whitening trays, the number one thing to understand is that discipline is key.

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Ask a General Dentist: Bridge or a Crown for a Broken Tooth?

If the patient has a minor broken tooth, it might not require extraction.

Ask a General Dentist: What Can Happens If You Skip Your Check-Up?

It would be best if you did not only visit the dentist’s office when you have a dental emergency or need a restorative procedure.

Denture Repair: What Is Denture Rebasing?

Denture repair is an umbrella term that describes many types of denture restorations. Fixing a crack is a different process compared to repairing a crooked frame. This article covers a specific type of denture repair: denture rebasing. This is the … Continued