How Does a General Dentist Identify Teeth Clenching?

Outlined below are a few of the warning signs that general dentists may use to identify teeth clenching.

Ask a General Dentist: Bridge or a Crown for a Broken Tooth?

If the patient has a minor broken tooth, it might not require extraction.

Ask a General Dentist: What Can Happens If You Skip Your Check-Up?

It would be best if you did not only visit the dentist’s office when you have a dental emergency or need a restorative procedure.

Denture Repair: What Is Denture Rebasing?

Denture repair is an umbrella term that describes many types of denture restorations. Fixing a crack is a different process compared to repairing a crooked frame. This article covers a specific type of denture repair: denture rebasing. This is the … Continued

How Long Before a Cavity Becomes a Problem?

A cavity does not instantly form overnight, even if you had one too many candy bars.

How Serious Is a Broken Tooth?

Chipped teeth do not usually require emergency care, but they should be treated as soon as possible.

When to Choose a Dental Onlay

Are you familiar with what a dental onlay can do for your smile? This restorative treatment might not be as common as fillings or crowns.

How a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Done

Wisdom tooth extraction is often necessary in order to promote good oral health. The procedure can be daunting to some; however, the result is a healthier oral cavity, thus ensuring better overall health.  Because wisdom tooth extraction is an involved … Continued

How Are Dental Restorations and Fillings Used?

Dental restorations are types of procedures and appliances that are used to help in repairing damage on a tooth. Damage could be a result of tooth decay or worn-down teeth, and dental restorations can be used to help in building … Continued

Does a Dental Filling Last Forever?

A dental filling can help to restore the form and function of a damaged or decayed tooth. When you get a tooth filled, you need to take good care of it. This will help to ensure it continues to work … Continued