What is Tooth Enamel?

Posted on: January 16, 2019

The tooth can be a complex part of the mouth. While it has many layers to it, the enamel tends to be one of the most important parts because of the role it plays, where it is located, and what it’s functions are. Think of the enamel as a shield, but it is also the most vulnerable shield because it is prone to its own risks.

Tooth enamel

While the enamel of a tooth is the outermost layer of each tooth, it is hard and acts as a protective layer for the entire tooth. In fact, the enamel is the hardest mineral substance that is apart of the body. This means that the teeth are mighty strong, but especially the outer layer that protects them.

The role

The enamel plays an important role because it acts as a shield to anything harmful. It protects the interior of the tooth from decay, erosion, discoloration, and even diseases. The enamel’s role is essential in maintaining healthy teeth. Without the enamel, the interior of the teeth would be exposed and unprotected.

The location

The enamel isn’t something that can be physically seen to the eye. There isn’t a layer that one can actually see through. Most people look at their teeth and don’t even realize that the enamel is the only part that is visible to the human eye. Dentists are able to see the roots or possibly even the interior of the teeth if one is pulled, decaying, or rotting.

The functions

The enamel acts as a protecting agent against many harmful things such as decay, bacteria, or stains. While the main job of the enamel is to protect the tooth, it is also the job of the person to protect the enamel too.

The enamel can be worn down, eroded or damaged by a number of things. If proper care isn’t followed for the teeth, then the enamel will be the first part of the tooth to go. Because it acts as a shield, it is likely to be damaged before any other part of the tooth is. Ensuring that acidic foods are avoided will be a crucial step in maintaining a healthy enamel. Follow a strict routine of brushing and flossing daily, as this will ensure that the enamel remains healthy.

Why enamel matters

It’s important that a healthy oral routine is maintained to ensure that the enamel stays in good shape. If the enamel remains healthy, then it can continue to perform its job of protecting the entire tooth. Without the enamel, the interior tooth would be exposed causing rotting, decay, and even potential tooth loss.

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