Common Causes of Mouth Ulcers

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Mouth ulcers are extremely common yet that doesn’t mean that a person should stop trying to prevent them. They can provide a lot of pain and irritation to a person and it may be best to ultimately visit a dentist in order to treat them. However, mouth ulcers can be remedied at home if done properly but knowing how they are caused can potentially help one avoid them.

Mouth ulcers aren’t detrimental to one’s health in the early stages but being aware of ways to avoid them may help one not have to worry about pain or possible infections. Today, we will go over the main causes of mouth ulcers.

Main causes of mouth ulcers

Smoking or quitting smoking

A person may not realize that smoking or the use of tobacco can harm the mouth but can also create mouth ulcers. Tobacco has agents in it that strips the mouth of good and healthy things. It allows for bacteria to form easily which leads to mouth ulcers.

On the flip side, if a person suddenly stops smoking or using tobacco products they are also likely to experience mouth ulcers. The mouth may not be expecting a sudden change and it may react by forming ulcers.

Highly acidic foods

Fruits that are highly acidic like oranges or lemons may cause mouth ulcers to form over time. The tissue within the mouth can become irritated by the acids within these fruits. It’s best to rinse the mouth thoroughly after consuming fruits or fruit beverages that contain a lot of acids.

Hormonal changes

When a person goes through hormonal changes, their body may react to these changes by forming ulcers in the mouth. Often, these are unavoidable as the body is reacting to different things changing. They are common during pregnancy, menopause or puberty.

Stress or anxiety

When a person is under a lot of stress or anxiety, the body often reacts by forming ulcers in the mouth and sometimes even in other places. If a person chews on the inside of their cheek or bites their lips, they are likely to have ulcers form as well. It’s best to talk with a professional about ways to manage stress or anxiety so that mouth ulcers don’t form.


Mouth ulcers can be painful and irritating to a lot of people. There are a few ways that someone can remedy them from home, but it also doesn’t hurt to talk with a doctor or dental specialist as they are trained to help treat things like this. Being aware of the causes of mouth ulcers might also help a person avoid them from forming. While some causes are unavoidable, it is still good to know in case you’re wondering why they constantly are forming.

If you have further questions about mouth ulcers and why they occur then let us know today. Our trained office staff can help in any way that we can by answering your questions or guiding you through the causes. Give us a call today!

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