What Happens During Your Exam and Dental Teeth Cleaning

Seeing your dentist for regular dental exams and teeth cleanings can improve your oral health.

The 3 Parts of Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

The choice depends on the type of dental prosthetic in need of support.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Damaged Tooth Restoration

The patient gets a temporary crown to protect their prepared tooth while waiting for their custom crown.

How Long Is Recovery From a Root Canal?

The dentist will need to place a temporary dental filling by the end of the first session.

What Can Happen to an Untreated Chipped Tooth

When there are no more nerves left in an area of a tooth, then that tooth will eventually fall out, which makes dental crowns imperative to saving the rest of your teeth.

When Dentures Are Recommended for Missing Teeth

Some patients will need dentures because of chronic conditions.

What to Discuss at Your Smile Makeover Consultation

If you want to know what to discuss at the consultation for your smile makeover, here are the details.

5 Reasons You Might Need Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may sound like an extreme course of action, but there are several situations in which a general dentist may recommend his or her patients for surgery that involves the teeth, gums, or soft tissues of the mouth. Learn … Continued

Common Treatments for a Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth usually occurs because of some sort of trauma, such as a fall or a blow to the mouth. It can also occur because of biting down on a substance that is too hard. If your tooth is … Continued

What Are Dental Restorations and How Can They Help?

The dental restoration treatment process looks different for every patient based upon the specific concern they are addressing and the type of dental restoration that they chose.