Will a Dental Onlay Fall Off?

Posted on: November 6, 2020

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As a dental onlay becomes increasingly more popular, it is common for people to have questions. When someone has a cavity, most dentists first try to fill it using amalgam, gold, or composite material. But when the hole is large or if an individual has a traumatized or weak tooth, a filling would not suffice. That is when they often recommend an onlay.

Introduction to a dental onlay

An onlay is a pre-molded restoration solution for people with minor damaged teeth. This could be a cavity, as well as decay, injury, or cracks. Due to the way an onlay works, it also serves as a kind of partial crown. For anyone who has tooth pain or sensitivity, the first step involves seeing a dentist.

There are several steps to getting a dental onlay. It begins with a patient having an examination and getting X-rays done. From there, a dentist would determine if that individual needs a traditional filling or an onlay. For the latter, the dental professional prepares the patient’s tooth, which includes setting a temporary onlay.

The impression of the tooth taken by the dentist is then sent off to a laboratory. Using high-tech digital equipment, they create the onlay so that it fits naturally. After completing this process, the lab sends the onlay back to the dental clinic. Once notified, the patient schedules a follow-up visit.

How secure is a dental onlay?

Keep in mind that during the time a patient has a temporary onlay, it could fall out. Usually, flossing or eating sticky foods causes this to happen. By avoiding these two risks, most temporary onlays remain firmly in place. After roughly seven days, the patient goes in for the placement of the permanent dental onlay.

When back at the clinic, the patient has the tooth cleaned. From there, the dentist puts the onlay on the tooth to ensure a proper fit. Once comfortable that everything aligns, the dentist then uses a special dental adhesive. This is what permanently bonds the onlay to the natural tooth.

Dentists use an adhesive specifically formulated for this and other types of dental procedures. It is strong, durable, and long-lasting. So, seldom do patients have a permanent onlay fall out. But it can happen, which constitutes a dental emergency. At that time, the person should contact the dentist right away.

When the individual has the onlay reset, the dentist will go through the same procedure. That includes examining the onlay to ensure it has not suffered any damage. The dentist will then set it on the tooth to make sure it aligns correctly. Once again, they apply the adhesive and secure the onlay.

A long-lasting dental solution

In addition to improved biting ability and a better smile, a dental onlay lasts a long time. Typically, an individual has one in place anywhere from five to 10 years. During that period, few onlays fall out. Now, if you go this route, it is important to avoid sticky foods as much as possible as this can weaken the bond.

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