Which Food or Drinks Stain your Teeth the Most?

Posted on: April 2, 2018

TeethThere is a common misconception it is only red wine and coffee that have the potential to stain your teeth.  In reality, all sorts of different foods and beverages have the potential to compromise the appearance of your pearly whites.

Here are the top foods and drinks most likely to cause excessive teeth staining.

Hard Candy is a Direct Threat to Your Teeth

Hard candy poses numerous threats to your mouth. For one, biting on a hard piece of candy can damage your teeth.  Hard candy can also cause your tongue to change colors. Most importantly, hard candy will stain your teeth. If you are insistent on enjoying one or several pieces of hard candy, choose a variety that is beige, white or a light yellow in hue so it does not compromise your pearly whites.  By minimizing your hard candy consumption, your teeth will stand that much better of a chance to look a beautiful shade of white.


From blueberries to strawberries, those scrumptious blackberries and beyond, berries of all types will stain the teeth.  Berries have their fair share of health benefits yet they really can gradually diminish the appearance of your teeth. If you absolutely have to have fruit, choose a variety with a lighter shade such as green grapes. This may be easier for some people and not as easy for others, especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan and lack other options.

Try to wean yourself off of berries in the coming weeks and months.  Floss and brush your teeth after consuming berries to minimize the chances of staining. However, it is a mistake to clean your teeth in the immediate aftermath of eating any type of food.  Give your teeth about 20 minutes following your snack or meal before you brush so you do not damage the sensitive enamel.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee will stain your teeth.  For regular coffee drinkers, it is not a matter of if but when the staining will appear.  The dark roast variety is especially harsh on white teeth. Dilute your coffee and tea with milk to mitigate the impact on tooth hue. Rinsing with water after consuming coffee or tea will also help decrease staining.

Tea seems innocent as it is basically flavored water at a high temperature. However, tea really can stain the teeth similar to coffee. Teeth-staining is especially common with darker teas. Choose a lighter tea such as green tea or tea with milk instead of regular tea and your teeth will look that much more impressive.

Red Wine

Red wine is just as much of a threat to your pearly whites as berries.  After all, red wine is made from red grapes. The acidic nature of wine leads to staining as well as tooth enamel wear and tear.  Rinse your mouth out with water after enjoying a glass or two of wine to minimize the chances of staining.

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