What to Expect After a Dental Cleaning

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A dental cleaning is a common dental procedure that involves removing plaque and tartar build-up along the gum line, between teeth, and on the visible surfaces of teeth. The process is minimally invasive, but there may be slight sensitivity for several days after a dental cleaning

Reviewing what you can expect after a dental cleaning

There are things that patients should and should not do after a dental cleaning to keep any sensitivity to a minimal level and ensure that the mouth remains as healthy as possible until the next scheduled dental visit. This review discusses what patients can expect after a dental cleaning and how they can protect their smiles. 

There may be mild teeth sensitivity after a dental cleaning

Many patients experience slight teeth sensitivity after a dental cleaning visit. This is because the removal of the tartar leaves the enamel more exposed. While this is a good thing, air and hot and cold temperatures can cause sensitivity while the patient adjusts to the new feeling after a dental cleaning. 

The sensitivity should not be severe or intolerable and should go away within a couple of weeks. If not, then the patient should contact the dentist to find out the reason for the severe or prolonged sensitivity. There may also be minor swelling of the gums that should go away within a few days. 

What you should do after a dental cleaning

The most important thing to do after a dental cleaning is to keep the mouth clean. This should include brushing several times each day, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. It is also important to follow all additional post-care instructions provided by the dentist. 

What you should not do after a dental cleaning

It is important to avoid anything that may cause discomfort or increased sensitivity after a dental cleaning. Among the most notable foods to limit the consumption of are tomato-based dishes, citrus fruits, and pickles. Dark beverages, such as soft drinks, red wine, coffee, and tea, may also aggravate teeth after a dental cleaning. 

It is also important to protect teeth from dental trauma by wearing a mouthguard during activities that may result in a blow to the face (e.g., contact sports). Wearing a nightguard may be necessary to prevent teeth damage from grinding at night.  

How often is a dental cleaning visit recommended?

A dental cleaning visit is encouraged every four to six months for most patients. Some patients may not need a visit that often if they have not had any oral health concerns in several years. Other patients may require more regular visits if they are being treated for certain oral health concerns. 

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