What Makes People Prone to Getting a Chipped Tooth?

There are certain people that are naturally at a higher risk of suffering a chipped tooth than others. In many cases, this is due to their lifestyle or habits they have developed. By understanding what makes people prone to getting a chipped tooth, you can determine whether or not you are at risk and how to prevent chipping a tooth in the future.

Reasons people get a chipped tooth

There are a variety of reasons why one may suffer damage to a tooth, and those at risk should take the necessary precautions to avoid damage. The following are four common habits, activities or choices that place individuals at a higher risk of suffering a chipped tooth.

Hard foods

One of the more common causes for a chipped tooth is eating hard foods, so naturally chewing on hard foods makes people more prone to tooth damage. Some of these food items are obvious and easy to avoid, such as hard candies, frozen treats and ice. However, it is not always food that damages our teeth, and it can be something more discreet that causes a chipped tooth - such as chewing on a pen while at work.

Teeth grinding

It is quite evident that teeth grinding would lead an individual to be at a higher risk of suffering a chipped tooth, but the problem is it is sometimes difficult to determine when teeth grinding occurs as it often happens in one’s sleep. Due to this, it is important to check teeth for signs of grinding and visit the dentist for treatment in the event that teeth grinding becomes an issue.

Impact sports

Just about any sport that requires the use of a ball makes the individual more at risk of suffering a chipped tooth, and necessary precautions should be taken to prevent any damage from occurring. Of course, this does not mean sports are a bad thing and that the person should stop in order to avoid a chipped tooth, but each person who participates in impact sports should wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth from damage.


A less likely culprit is mouth piercings, which can include tongue and lip piercings. If the piercings constantly make contact with teeth, they can cause the teeth to wear down over time and begin to chip. Anyone who wears a tongue or lip piercing should keep an eye on the health of their teeth and stop wearing them if they are causing any damage.

Visit a dentist to treat a chipped tooth

While the best way to deal with a chipped tooth is to prevent it from happening in the first place, the fact of the matter is that accidents occur. In the event that you suffer a chipped tooth for any reason, be sure to visit a dentist for treatment as soon as possible to ensure that the issue does not worsen or cause other problems.

Here at our dental office, we offer several treatment options for patients with a chipped tooth, so give us a call today if you are in need of any assistance.

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