Understanding the Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Full Mouth Reconstruction Carmel, IN

Full mouth reconstruction is a process that combines different dental procedures. These procedures happen over time in a sequence that addresses the patient’s needs in order of urgency and severity. This is how dentists craft custom treatment plans. The rest of the article takes a closer look at full mouth reconstruction, with examples.

Common procedures in full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction involves the creation and execution of a custom treatment plan. So, what exactly is a treatment plan? It is a sequence of dental procedures that address every cosmetic and oral health problem that a patient suffers from. These procedures fall into the following categories:

  • Installation of dental restorations to correct tooth decay and breakage
  • Replacement of missing teeth
  • Orthodontics to correct bad bites, crooked teeth, and other problems that involve teeth alignment
  • Teeth whitening and stain removal
  • Tooth reshaping and contouring
  • Corrective surgery for the jaw, palate, lips, or gums

From this list, it is easy to see how full-mouth restoration delivers both cosmetic and oral health benefits. Here is how a dentist selects and schedules individual procedures to create a personalized treatment plan that yields good long-term results.

How dentists create treatment plans for full-mouth reconstruction

Each course of treatment for full-mouth restoration is as unique as the patient it treats. The type, number, and spacing of the procedures will depend on an individual’s oral health needs. A dentist will determine their patient’s needs with the following.

1. In-depth patient evaluation

The dentist starts with a visual exam to get a general idea of their patient’s dental health. They will also go over the patient’s dental records. Most importantly, the dentist will order medical imaging of the patient’s mouth. The images will provide a complete picture of the structures that support the patient’s teeth. This is the information that the dentist will use to pinpoint individual problems that need solving.

2. Selecting individual procedures

The evaluation phase provides the dentist with a complete list of the patient’s dental problems. This translates into a list of procedures that will resolve one or more of the patient’s oral health issues. The dentist will choose the most effective yet conservative procedure for each problem.

Suppose that there is a patient who suffers from tooth decay, a few missing teeth, and staining. The dentist will note that the patient needs dental restorations on teeth with moderate decay. They may also recommend extraction for teeth that are past saving. Lastly, the dentist will suggest ways to whiten the teeth.

3. Scheduling individual procedures

The dentist will give top priority to situations involving infections, which can easily turn into a dental emergency. This means that the first set of procedures will address tooth decay. The dentist will restore teeth with moderate decay. They will proceed to extract teeth that are too far gone. They may also prescribe antibiotics to deal with stubborn infections.

Once the infection clears up and the patient heals, the dentist may whiten the patient’s natural teeth. After a few days, the dentist will start the process of replacing the missing teeth. If the dentist goes the route of dental implants, teeth replacement will likely require multiple procedures to complete.

The dentist will space the procedures in a way that leaves time for the patient to heal. Only after the patient recovers will the dentist proceed to the next stage of treatment.

4. Monitoring

Individual procedures in full mouth restoration require a recovery period. Dentists will schedule periodic checkups to monitor the patient’s progress during recovery. With orthodontic treatment, the dentist will monitor the patient’s teeth as they realign.

Monitoring only ends when the patient reaches the goal of full mouth restoration. Even then, the dentist will continue with routine dental checks.

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