Laser Dentistry to Treat Cavities

Posted on: November 2, 2017

Laser DentistryTechnological advances have made it possible to treat cavities with lasers instead of drills and needles. Laser dentistry is emerging as a popular treatment option as it does not cause the type of pain associated with typical cavity drilling and filling. Here is a closer look at the basics of laser dentistry for cavity removal and the advantages of this unique approach to oral health.

Patient Comfort Tops the Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The drilling process necessary to remove a cavity is enough to convince just about every patient to convert to laser dentistry. While drilling techniques are effective in treating cavities and helping patients remain healthy, the dental drill is not a favorite tool amongst most patients. Fortunately, laser dentistry allows for the patient to remain comfortable while still receiving the proper level of professional cleaning.

Dental lasers are a more gentle approach to treating cavities that will keep the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the entirety of the operation. Lasers are effective for more than just cavity removals and fillings. We can use dental lasers to even treat gum disease and canker sores.

Laser dentistry is the perfect way to remedy a cavity or other dental health challenge. For patients who struggle with dental anxiety and dislike the use of dental tools anywhere near them, laser dentistry is the answer. There will be no need for a numbing shot, drilling and other loud, annoying aspects of the traditional cavity filling process. Laser treatment is simple, quiet and gets right to the point.

How Laser Dentistry Works

Laser dentistry uses light, air and water to treat cavities rather than those comparably obtrusive drills and needles. This invisible light beam zaps away at cavities in a precise manner. Once the cavity is zapped, the filling can be placed. Laser dentistry is undoubtedly the most efficient and accurate way to fix dental decay.

Lasers Have Less to Remove Compared to Inefficient Drilling

Laser dentistry does not require as much removal of the healthy tooth as traditional cavity removal and filling methods. A drill requires substantial removal that could otherwise be left in place. Laser dentistry is celebrated as a minimalist approach to cavity treatment that produces large dividends. Patients will not find a more precise way to eliminate a cavity than today’s laser treatments.

Lasers are Completely Safe!

Do not worry about the safety of lasers for cavity removal and other oral health care treatments and procedures. Laser treatment is safe and effective for patients of all age ranges. It does not matter if your little one has a cavity, you have tooth decay or if your parent needs a cavity treated. Laser dentistry is clean, direct and does not require sutures of any variety.

Give Us a Call to Schedule an Appointment

If you are considering laser dentistry to treat one or several cavities, give us a call. We can schedule an appointment to take a look at your mouth, settle on the best approach and eliminate those cavities for good.

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