Implant-Supported Dentures: A Guide to Overdentures

Posted on: June 1, 2020

implant supported dentures Carmel, IN

Patients who need teeth replacement have several different options, including removable dentures, implant supported dentures and dental implants. Overdentures supported by implants provide a middle ground between individual tooth implants and traditional dentures. 

An overview of denture options

Overdentures are a teeth replacement option for patients who have had all of their natural teeth lost or removed in the upper or lower jaw, or both. They work by sitting "over" the gums.

While most dental patients know about dentures, many have never heard of the option that are a hybrid between implants and removable dentures. The hybrid type is a good compromise for people who want a more stable replacement that is attached to the gums but do not want to replace every tooth with an individual implant. 

How do implant supported dentures work? 

Traditional dentures look similar to natural teeth but are removable for cleaning and sleeping. Denture cream or strips are used to keep the dentures in place. However, many patients prefer a solution that keeps dentures in place more securely.

Implant supported dentures use dental implants in the gum to attach dentures into the mouth. Instead of using individual dental implants, which calls for the placement of an implant and crown for every missing tooth, dentures only require a few implants in the gums to attach the denture plate. 

Who is a good candidate for this type of dentures? 

Patients who are good candidates for dental implants are also often good candidates for implant supported dentures. Any dental hygiene concerns such as active infections or gingivitis must be addressed before implants can be inserted. Another consideration before implant surgery is the density of the jawbone. The jaw must be able to support implants to proceed, otherwise traditional dentures are a better option. 

Patients who are only missing a few teeth are not good denture candidates and have the option to receive a bridge or individual implants. However, those who are missing all or most of the teeth or who have teeth that need to be removed due to damage or decay may benefit from implant supported dentures. 

What are the benefits of implant supported dentures over other options? 

The greatest benefit of implant supported dentures over traditional dentures is the fit. Since the implants allow the dentures to snap into place, they are more secure and have a firmer fit than traditional dentures that are secured with cream or strips. Dentures supported by implants can be used on either the upper or lower jaw or both, replacing all teeth in the mouth. Patients report high levels of satisfaction with the use of hybrid dentures, making them a popular choice for new denture patients. 


Although there are several options for the replacement of natural teeth, overdentures continue to be a popular choice for patients who are missing all or the majority of the teeth. The use of dental implants to secure the dentures to the gums is a way to improve the fit of the dentures and prevent some of the slippage issues associated with dental creams, strips or pastes. 

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