How an Emergency Dentist Visit May Help Your Dental Health

Posted on: October 7, 2021

Emergency Dentist Carmel, IN

An emergency dentist can save your bacon in a pinch. Not only can they resolve the pain from a dental emergency, they often provide a permanent fix as well. The dentist can salvage your tooth before you lose it and head off a bad infection before it spreads. There are many other reasons to keep an emergency dentist on speed dial. We'll go over them in detail now.

The role of an emergency dentist

Dentists who offer urgent dental care can perform a range of dental procedures at short notice. Emergency dentists will quickly repair and replace dental restorations for patients with dental emergencies. They will salvage teeth that come loose or fall out after a blow to the mouth. An emergency dentist will also deal with:

  • Breakage and fractures from injury
  • Severe infection
  • Loose, ill-fitting, and otherwise problematic orthodontics

Dentists that offer emergency dental care may keep their offices open for longer hours. Alternatively, they may remain on call; only going to the office when a patient needs them. Larger population centers may boast a 24-hour dental clinic with dentists that work in shifts.

Patients and guardians should take note of all the options available to them and rank them. They should put the most reliable and convenient providers at the top of their lists. Here are some ways emergency dentists can help to improve your oral health.

1. First aid

Clinics and practices that offer emergency dental care post their contact information on their websites or literature. The contact people that answer emergency phone calls usually provide helpful first-aid advice.

Prompt first aid can improve the outcome of most dental emergencies. Take a situation where an accident causes a tooth to fall out. Cleaning and preserving that tooth can make all the difference in the world.

2. Pain relief

It is almost impossible to get sleep with a toothache that rages through the night. Severe tooth pain will also take over every waking moment of the person that chooses to deal with it. Emergency dental care provides fast and permanent relief by dealing with the pain as well as its root cause.

3. Timely dental care can prevent tooth loss

Timely restorative dentistry can salvage a tooth that would otherwise fail. Immediate dental care can prevent the death of a tooth that has a break or a fracture. A restoration can save the inner tooth and reinforce the structure of the outer tooth.

An emergency dentist can also reattach a knocked-out tooth if the patient preserves the tooth. Reattachment only succeeds if the patient gets to the dentist within a short window of time.

4. Emergency dental care gets infection under control

It is easy to ignore tooth pain until it takes over every waking moment of every day. It gets to a point where there is no getting around a visit to the dentist. Usually, that point is when the pain from the infection overcomes the reluctance to see a dentist. Treating an infected tooth arrests its spread while eliminating pain and fever. In some cases, emergency dental care can treat a potentially lethal bacterial attack.

5. Emergency dental care can uncover a serious underlying problem

Pain is not the only indicator of a dental emergency. This is why it would be a bad idea to put off a visit to the dentist after an obvious injury or a toothache that responds to pain medication. An emergency dentist might just catch a bad situation in the nick of time.

Save the information of an emergency dentist near you, in case of a rainy day

We offer urgent dental care for anyone who needs it and happens to be close by. It is a good idea to call, email, or visit us today. Save the contact information of our emergency dentist to prepare for tomorrow’s surprises.

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