Harmful Effects of Tooth Abrasion

ToothTooth abrasion is the gradual loss of the tooth surface typically spurred by improper brushing technique.  Such a faulty technique can cause notching at the point at which the crown and the roots of the teeth connect.  The use of a toothbrush with hard bristles can lead to tooth abrasion as well.

Additional Causes of  Tooth Abrasion

Tooth abrasion can also occur after using teeth to open things, hold things or other tool-like purposes.  In some cases, the extended use of tongue jewelry can lead to tooth abrasion as the piece repeatedly makes contacts the teeth.  There is a chance the use of a toothpick will lead to dental abrasion.

Furthermore, some toothpaste is more abrasive than others.  Choose the wrong one and you just might end up with dental abrasion that impacts the feel and look of your teeth.  The consumption of candy, baked goods and even some sauces can also cause tooth abrasion.

Such foods are rife with sweeteners and other additives that feed on bacteria within the oral cavity, creating the plaque that transitions to tartar build-up. The tartar inflames the gums, causing even more serious dental issues.  Sour candies are especially damaging to tooth enamel.

The Impact of Tooth Abrasions on Oral Health

Dental enamel that gradually erodes is a major problem.  This erosion will eventually expand beneath the gum. The soft structures below such as cementum and dentin will not be able to prevent continued erosion.   This softened tooth will be quite susceptible to abrasion as time progresses.

Tooth abrasion will eventually cause heightened tooth sensitivity.  This is the most prevalent and earliest result of dental abrasion. You will find it difficult to eat or drink cold or hot beverages or foods.  Though the sensitivity will not be extreme or lengthy at first, it is imperative you obtain treatment as soon as possible. If you delay treatment, the sensitivity will become serious to the point that you feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Tooth Abrasion can Lead to Gum Recession

Gum recession is certainly possible if tooth abrasion goes untreated.  Gum recession can expose the sensitive portion of the tooth to abrasion and acid.  The gums will also struggle to grip the teeth as they used to.

Tooth Abrasion can Compromise Your Appearance

In due time, teeth that have significant dental abrasion will loosen in their sockets.  A loose tooth will prove troublesome when eating. If neglected, there is a chance a loose tooth resulting from dental abrasion will fall out, leaving an unsightly gap.  Tooth abrasion that leads to receding gums will also compromise your facial appearance to the point speech and/or smile are impacted.

This is the nightmare situation you must strive to avoid. If your tooth abrasion leads to a compromised smile, you will undoubtedly become over-focused on your smile imperfections and suffer diminished confidence. 

Meet With Us Today

If you suspect you have tooth abrasion, consult with us.  Regular checkups are essential to identifying tooth abrasion as soon as it starts.  We will help you develop the proper strategy to stop tooth abrasion and preserve the look and health of your pearly whites.

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