Drinks to Avoid to Maintain Dental Health

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Some drinks taste amazing but can be amazingly bad for our dental health. There are drinks we should aspire to avoid, and there are drinks that benefit our teeth but damage them as well.

The key is moderation and correct use. Here are a few drinks that you should watch out for:

Drinks that are bad for dental health

1. Carbonated drinks

They pack a one-two punch. They have massive amounts of sugar, which is bad for the teeth. They also have carbon dioxide, which is acidic and also bad for the teeth. Drinking carbonated drinks is basically launching an acid assault on the enamel.

Carbonated drinks should be avoided whenever possible, no matter how good they taste. Water and juice made from actual fruits are a better, healthier option.

2. Sports drinks

Who does not like to recharge their electrolytes after a workout? While it may be tempting to hydrate with a sports drink, do not do it. Sports drinks have an even higher acid content than soda. If drunk regularly, sports drinks will eat away at the teeth's enamel in record time.

Water is always the best way to hydrate. There is no better substitute.

3. White wine

This is one of those drinks that has benefits and disadvantages. White wine is an effective antioxidant but it is very acidic. It will detox the body while attacking the enamel and drying out the mouth.

Avoiding white wine sounds unfair to the wine and the people who drink it. A compromise can be reached; white wine can be taken in moderation and should be paired with water.

4. Coffee

Coffee is a part of most people's lives, and many of them would never even think about quitting coffee.

However, most people take their coffee with sugar, and coffee that is too sweet will erode and stain the enamel. As a compromise, people should consider taking their coffee with milk and no sugar. The milk reduces the staining power of the coffee, and without sugar, coffee is actually known to prevent tooth decay.

5. Tea

Tea is considered a healthier alternative to coffee and contains antioxidants. Sadly, black tea can stain the teeth just as effectively as black coffee. On the other hand, green tea has far less pigment and does not stain the teeth.

To take advantage of the health benefits of black tea, add milk to it. Black tea with no milk should be taken sparingly. It not only stains the teeth, but its acidic nature is also bad for teeth and the stomach.

6. Alcohol in general

Alcohol dehydrates both the mouth and the body. Many alcoholic drinks also have high acid and sugar content.

To prevent alcohol from affecting dental health, drink in moderation and always stay hydrated. Hydration will prevent dry mouth from happening.

As with all things, moderation is everything. Rules can make life a little less fun. They can also protect us and make our lives better. We can enjoy sugary treats and drinks once in a while, just as long as we remember to prioritize our dental health.

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