Denture Repair: What Is Denture Rebasing?

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Denture repair is an umbrella term that describes many types of denture restorations. Fixing a crack is a different process compared to repairing a crooked frame. This article covers a specific type of denture repair: denture rebasing. This is the replacement of the "gums" in a set of dentures. 

Denture repairs: Scenarios where rebasing becomes necessary

Most owners of dentures go through life with hassle-free dentures. For such people, routine dental checks go a long way toward the maintenance of their dentures and good oral health.

Ideally, caring for dentures should keep repairs to a minimum, but accidents do happen. A fall, a breakage, or simply age can affect the base of a set of dentures. While the false gums may break or fracture, the teeth might remain intact.

This is when a dentist, prosthodontist, or denturist can decide to replace the entire base (gums) and re-use the teeth. Here is what to expect from denture rebasing.

Denture rebasing: The process

A denture rebase is the total replacement of the "gum" part of the dentures. This is what must fit perfectly over the wearer’s natural gums. As such, the process will start with the dentist using the old dentures to take an impression of the patient’s dental ridge.

They will send the impression (in the patient’s old dentures) to a dental lab. At this point, a denturist or dental technician will craft a new base using the impression as a blueprint. They will transfer the artificial teeth from the old base to the new one.

The entire process takes a few days from start to finish. A dentist will only recommend this drastic measure when:

  • Dentures break in half or sustain some other sort of extensive damage
  • The patient experiences pain and discomfort
  • The dentures are old and worn
  • The patient wants to transform their temporary dentures into permanent ones 

Rebasing and relining: A comparison

Rebasing is a time and labor-intensive process compared to denture relining. With a soft denture reline, the dentist will add a new, soft lining to the inner surface of the base. The dentist can complete the process of relining while the patient waits in the office. If the change to the patient’s dental ridge requires a drastic change to the inner lining, the dentist will propose a hard reline.

The process of a hard reline is similar to denture rebasing. In both cases, the dentist will send the old dentures and new impressions inside them to a dental lab for repair.

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