Common Types of Denture Repair

Posted on: February 1, 2020

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Denture wearers like yourself know that the possibility of running into some sort of denture damage is inevitable. After all, over time your facial structure changes as you age, and other accidents may cause cracks or chips in your dentures. Maybe you will drop them at one point and break a tooth. Even just everyday wear and tear can cause dentures to break down and become loose or ill-fitting. The point is, denture damage will happen at some point. When it does, you should know what kind of repair your dentures will need.

Denture reline

There are a few different types of repairs a denture wearer may need over the life of their dentures, including a denture reline. A reline involves resurfacing the part of the denture that has become worn down or damaged. The procedure is simple and affordable and can often be completed in a general dentist’s office. However, it is important to note there are two types of relines available, a soft reline and hard reline.

Between soft relines and hard relines, soft relines are often more comfortable. These relines are typically done in a dentist’s office and involve a general dentist adding a liquid polymer into a denture to add a sort of cushion. The procedure is quick and the result is a more comfortable fitting denture.

Hard relines also reshape the damaged part of a denture, but with a different type of material. In hard relines, dentists and prosthodontists use a resin that hardens like the base of a denture, meaning it is more of a permanent reline repair than soft relines. Additionally, because hard relines use more sturdy materials, the reline is more likely to last longer than a soft reline. Oftentimes, hard relines can also be done in the comfort of a dentist’s office. However, if the damage to the denture is extensive, it may have to be shipped to a dental lab. This means wearers may have to live without their dentures for a few days.

Denture rebase

Denture rebasing is another type of common denture repair. Oftentimes rebasing is recommended when dentures are still in good working order. It is another affordable type of repair but may take longer to complete than a reline. The process involves replacing the acrylic base of the denture to make it more stable without having to take the entire denture apart. Rebasing is also recommended for wearers with older dentures that may have a crack or two.

Denture adjustment

Adjustments are done when wearers get their dentures for the first time to ensure the fit is nice and snug. They are also performed over time as the dentures wear down or as the wearer’s facial structure changes. As jawbones age, dentures may begin to loosen or shift, creating discomfort that can be remedied with adjustments.

Get your dentures repaired today

If your dentures feel loose or uncomfortable, it may be time for a repair. Fortunately, common repairs like relines, rebases and adjustments can be completed in a dentist’s office. As an added benefit, oftentimes these repairs take no time at all, so you can get back to living your life with ease.

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